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Bold Ideas and Strategies

Whether we are dealing with an “ordinary” tax matter or a highly complex transaction, we believe there is always a better way of doing things. We consider all ideas and strategies relevant to the situation at hand and work closely with our clients to come up with practical solutions.

When the situation warrants, we will venture into the “grey areas” of the law. Often, an overlooked strategy can deliver significant results.


Measured Analysis

We believe it is critical to fully quantify each scenario and the related risks so that clients can meaningful assess their options and the impact on their bottom line.

The Services We Provide

Understanding Business Needs

In order to truly deliver value to a client, a tax advisor must have a firm understanding of the client’s business goals and concerns. This requires not only a high level of diligence and open communications with the client, but also the ability to see the “big picture” beyond the immediate tax issues at hand, so that today’s tax solution does not become tomorrow’s tax problem.

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Experience and Technical Skills

We have broad experience across industries with a wide range of clients, including highly successful entrepreneurs, investment funds, multinational companies and family offices. Which requires us to come up with creative solutions.

In an ever-changing environment, we are always on top of the latest developments in the tax law and – more importantly – staying ahead of the game. We strive to be in the forefront of planning strategies.

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