Success Stories

Family Office Client

Assisted the client in shopping their private jet plan. Resulted in finding a provider that saves the client over $600,000 in annual savings.


Foreign National

A client recently became a US person for tax purposes. Our review of his tax structure identified a strategy that would step up his tax basis foreign assets for U.S. tax purposes by over $60 million. The client implemented the strategy.


Founder of a Tech Company

Client asked us to review his corporate transaction in which he recently sold his company to a public traded company. Our analysis confirmed that the company qualifies as IRC 1202 stock which is eligible for 50% exclusion of gains on sale. We amended the founders individual tax returns for the last 3 years and claimed over $600,000 in refund.


Hedge Fund Client

Retained by hedge fund managers to review their corporate structure for tax efficiency.  Based on our review, we suggested a corporate structure that would save the managers $1.3 million in federal taxes annually.  The structure was reviewed by the client’s corporate tax counsel and implemented in the following year.


Hedge Fund Manager

Review of client state returns revealed he has over reported approx 10 million in state taxes.  Our amendment resulted in approx 1 million in state tax refund.


Private Equity Fund Manager

The client managed an overseas private equity fund. Our review of his tax returns revealed that he was not subject to state and local taxes on all income.  Our amendment of his returns resulted in approximately $800,000 in refund.  His return was prepared by a top 8 firm in the country.


Professional Service Firm

Our implementation of new corporate structure and tax strategies result in approx $200,000 in annual tax savings.


Real Estate Developer

Review of clients real estate investment resulted in approx $1 million in tax credit missed by top national firm.


Serial Entrepreneurial

Review of the client’s prior year returns confirmed that over $2 million in losses were erroneously suspended.  We filed amended returns that resulted in over $2 million in ordinary losses.